Italian language resources

Resources for learning Italian.


Clozemaster Italian - Cloze text exercises.

Duolingo Italian for English Speakers

Memrise Italian - Flashcard site.


Italian Wikipedia

Italian Wikisource

Spanish language resources

Resources for learning Spanish.

General resources

1001 Reasons to Learn Spanish - Website by Juan Fernández



Clozemaster Spanish - Cloze text exercises

Duolingo Spanish for English speakers

Memrise Spanish - Flashcard site


Duolingo podcast

Español con Juan - intermediate level podcast by Juan Fernández


Wikipedia Español

Wikisource Español




The International Phonetic Alphabet and the IPA Chart

Omniglot - Online encyclopedia of writing systems and languages.

Memrise Languages


Latin language resources

Online resources for learning Latin.

Hiberna Caroli Raetici: Reading Material In Latin

Loebulus - Public domain pdfs of bilingual Loeb editions of Greek and Latin classics.

Textkit - Public domain Latin textbooks.

Perseus Latin Texts - The best resource for reading classical texts online.

  • Caesar: De bello Gallico at Perseus. Caesar's account of the Gallic War is often used as introductory Latin text, though some may find it a bit dry.
  • Caesar: De bello Civilis at Perseus. Caesar's account of the Civil War he fought against Pompey, sequel to De Bello Gallico.

Latin Wikipedia

Latin Wikisource

Vulgate Texts

Bibliotheca Latina

St Patrick's Confessio

See also the Tom's Learning Notes Latin Literature category.


Duolingo: Latin course for English speakers.

Learn Biblical Latin by reading the Vulgata

Dickinson College Commentaries


Online activities from the Cambridge Latin Course.

Wheelock's Latin exercises

Memrise: Latin - online flashcards.


Online resources for learning languages.


Duolingo - free online languages courses.

Memrise Languages - flashcard courses.

Open Culture: Learn 48 Languages Online for Free: Spanish, Chinese, English & More.

The Simple Dollar: How to Learn a New Language with Minimal Expense, by Trent Hamm.

Universities and Colleges blog: The Master List of Free Language Resources.

Irish Language resources

Online resources for learning Irish

Duolingo - online course.

eDIL - Electronic Dictionary of the Irish Language - covers the medieval language CE 700-1700.

Foras na Gaeilge Dictionary and Language Library includes Pronunciation Database

Pota Focal - Dictionary.

A Beginner's Guide to Irish Gaelic Pronunciation


Duolingo: German for English speakers

German is easy - blog

German Wikipedia

German Wikisource

French language resources

Online resources for learning French.

Duolingo - French for English Speakers. Learn languages through gamified exercises covering reading, writing, listening and speaking. French - A useful resource for grammar etc, once you feel the need for a complement to Duolingo.

BBC Languages: French - archived page.

France Bienvenue.




Carnegie Mellon University: Elementary French I - Elementary French II.

Livelingua: Foreign Service Institute - French - Basic Course (Volume 1).
Livelingua: Foreign Service Institute - French - Basic Course (Volume 2).
Livelingua: Foreign Service Institute - French Phonology.
Livelingua: Foreign Service Institute - French - Metropolitan French FAST Course.
Livelingua: Foreign Service Institute - French Headstart for Belgium.

MITOpenCourseware: French I - French II. 2004 course.

Open University: French - en Ville. Intermediate course. 

Open University: French - Le quatorze juillet. Intermediate course. 

Open University: French - Ouverture. Intermediate course. 

University of Texas: Français interactif.

Spotify: Learn French - audio course.

YouTube: French Beginner's Serial and Oral Course 2016, by Evan Der Millner.

The most common and irregular verbs of French -

À vs De -

French Accents -


Gallica: Digital repository of the Bibliothèque nationale de France.


French poem readings.

Ancient Greek resources

A collection of free online resources for learning Ancient Greek.

A Digital Tutorial For Ancient Greek: Based On John William White's First Greek Book, Created by Jeff Rydberg-Cox, Classical and Ancient Studies Program, University of Missouri-Kansas City. good online exercises, using examples drawn from Xenophon's Anabasis.

Learn Ancient Greek - Collection of free Ancient Greek textbooks.

Spiphanies: Audio Resources for Ancient Greek.

Ariadne: Resources for Athenaze - resources for the Athenaze Greek reader.

Elpenor: Bilingual Anthology of Greek Literature.

Memrise: Ancient Greek flashcard courses.

YouTube: Learn Ancient Greek, with Prof. Leonard Muellner. Center for Hellenic Studies.

Free online texts

Perseus Ancient Greek Texts

New Testament Greek Vocabulary:

See also the Tom's Learning Notes Greek Literature category