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Anthony Trollope: Barchester Towers

Mrs_Proudie_and_the_ArchdeaconBarchester Towers is an 1857 novel by Anthony Trollope, the second in the Chronicles of Barsetshire series. It recapitulates many elements of the plot of The Warden, in a more complex form with a broader cast of characters. The high-church arcadia of Barchester Cathedral is threatened this time not by the idealistic John Bold, but by the mendacious Mr Slope.

While Slope is undoubtedly a great satirical creation, this does take away some of the breadth of vision of the earlier book. Trollope has a way of inveigling us to favour his Tory characters when his Whigs have the better arguments, but even this is testimony to the realism of the milieu he creates.

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Anthony Trollope: The Warden

The Warden is an 1855 novel by Anthony Trollope. 975px-Hospital_of_St._Cross _Winchester._Gateway_and_dwellings._Wellcome_M0007983

The title character, Septimus Harding, heads a hospital which supports a dozen retired workingmen, but whose charitable income has swollen over the centuries and now provides him with a very comfortable living.

His right to this money is challenged by John Bold, a young reformer, who involves the law and the press despite his own love for Harding's youngest daughter.

Bold is opposed by Harding's son-in-law, Theophilus Grantly, son of the Bishop of Barchester, and a stern defender of the traditional prerogatives of the church.

The Warden was Trollope's first major literary success, inaugurating the Barchester Chronicles, which returned to the same setting in a fictional cathedral city in the West of England. It is a classic of socio-political observation, despite its ultimately critical view of the reforming impulse which underlay much literary realism.

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