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Montesquieu: The Spirit of the Laws

Horace: The Art of Poetry

Adalbert_von_Rössler_HorazThe Art of Poetry (Latin: Ars Poetica) is a poem by Horace, originally included in the second volume of his Epistles, published in 14 BCE and sometimes known as the Epistle to the Pisos (Latin: Epistula ad Pisones).

It's reflections on poetry are personal and a touch satirical, contrasting with earlier extant literary criticism, such as that of Aristotle. It has nevertheless exercised a huge influence through its richness in maxims and pithy phrases, many of which are still in use as common literary terms.

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Free online texts
Bilingual texts
Loebulus: L194 - Horace - Satires. Epistles. Ars Poetica. Public domain Loeb edition. PDF format.
English translations
Gutenberg: The Satires, Epistles & Art of Poetry of Horace, translated by John Conington. EPUB, HTML, MOBI and TXT formats.
Gutenberg: The Art of Poetry, translated by George Colman. EPUB, HTML, MOBI and TXT formats.
Internet Archive
Perseus: The Art of Poetry, translated by C. Smart. HTML and XML formats.
Poetry in Translation: Ars Poetica, translated by A.S. Kline (2005). Multiple formats.
University of Adelaide (Internet Archive): The Works of Horace, translated into English Prose by C. Smart. EPUB, MOBI and HTML formats.
Wikisource: Ars Poetica. Multiple translations. HTML and other formats.
Latin texts
Gutenberg: The Works of Horace. EPUB, HTML, MOBI and TXT formats. 
Latin Library: Ars Poetica. HTML format.
Perseus: De Arte Poetica liber. HTML and XML formats.
Wikisource: Ars Poetica. HTML and other formats.

Other Resources
Librivox: The Ars Poetica and Carmen Saeculare, Dual Latin and English translations. Free public domain audiobook.
Literature and History: Episode 50 - Our Brutal Age. Episode 51 - Horace and Augustan Poetry. Podcast and transcript by Doug Metzger.
Wikipedia: Horace - Ars Poetica (Horace)

Further reading
Horace: Epistles - the larger work of which The Art of Poetry is part.
Homer: The Iliad - while Horace famously acknowledges that there moments when even Homer nods, he nevertheless regards him as the supreme poetic model.
Quintilian: Institutes of Oratory - the first source to treat The Art of Poetry as a separate work.
Latin resources: Learn to read Latin texts in the original.


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