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Burke: Philosophical Enquiry on the Origins of the Sublime and Beautiful

Pascal: The Provincial Letters

800px-Blaise_Pascal_VersaillesThe Provincial Letters (French: Lettres provinciales) were published by Blaise Pascal from 1656 to 1657. Under the pseudonymous guise of Louis de Montalte, a Parisian writing to a correspondent in the country, he launched a blistering satirical attack on Jesuit theology. Although banned by the French Crown, the eighteen letters were widely read and influential.

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Free online texts
English translations
Internet Archive: The Provincial Letters, Pensees, Scientific Letters. The former translated by Thomas M'Crie. Great Books of the Western World edition. EPUB, MOBI, PDF and TXT formats.
University of Adelaide (Internet Archive): The Provincial Letters, translated by Thomas M'Crie. EPUB, MOBI and HTML formats.
Wikisource: The Provincial Letters, translated by Thomas M'Crie. HTML and other formats.
French texts
Wikisource: Les Provinciales. HTML and other formats.

Other Resources
Wikipedia: Lettres provinciales

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Pascal: The Pensées.
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