Daniel Defoe: A Journal of the Plague Year
Pseudo-Longinus: On the Sublime

Pindar: Odes

800px-Pindar_Musei_Capitolini_MC586The Odes (Greek: επινίκιες ωδές), in four books, are the only works of of the Archaic Greek poet Pindar c. 518 – 438 BC) to survive in complete form. Each book is named after one of the major panhellenic festivals, and collects poems dedicated to various victors at their associated games.

Widely admired for his elevated style, Pindar was considered one of the nine canonical lyric poets by Alexandrian scholars of the Hellenistic period.

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Free online texts
English translations
Gutenberg: The Extant Odes of Pindar, translated by Ernest Myers. EPUB, HTML, MOBI and TXT format.
Internet Archive: The Odes of Pindar, translated by Richmond Lattimore. EPUB, MOBI, PDF and TXT formats.
Perseus: Olympian, Pythian, Nemean and Isthmean Odes, translated by Diane Arnson Svarlien. HTML and XML formats.
Wikisource: Odes of Pindar. Multiple translations. HTML and other formats.
Greek texts
Loebulus: L056 - Pindar -- Odes of Pindar, including the Principal Fragments, translated by Sir John Sandys. Bilingual Loeb edition. PDF format.
Perseus: Olympian, Pythian, Nemean and Isthmean Odes. HTML and XML formats.
Wikisource: Πίνδαρος. HTML and other formats.

Other Resources
History of Ancient Greece: Music and Victory Odes. Podcast by Ryan Stitt.
Literature and History: Lyrical Ballistics - Sappho, Pindar, and Archaic Greek Poetry. Podcast and transcript by Doug Metzger.
Wikipedia: Pindar

Further reading at Tom's Learning Notes
Sappho: Poems - another of the nine lyric poets.
Archilocus - criticised in Pythian 2.
Bacchylides - a contemporary and perhaps rival.
Apollonius Rhodius: Argonautica - influenced by Pindar's style.
Callimachus: Aetia.
Horace: Odes.
Pseudo-Longinus: On the Sublime.
Quintilian: Institutes - praises Pindar as the greatest lyric poet.
Bloom's Western Canon - Pindar is listed.
Ancient Greek resources: Learn to read Greek classics in the original.


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