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Petronius: Satyricon

Petronius at Home, by Piotr Stachiewicz (1858-1938)The Satyricon is a Latin satire in prose and verse attributed to one Petronius, conventionally identified with Petronius Arbiter, a prominent member of Nero's court who commited suicide in 65 AD.

Much of the work is lost with only parts of books 14, 15 and 16 surviving. It recounts the picaresque adventures of an amoral but cunning trio, comprising the narrator Encolpius, his friend Ascyltus, and the slave boy Giton. The most substantial extant episode is that of Trimalchio's dinner party (Latin: Cena Trimalchionis), a striking portrait of life among a rising class of nouveau-riche freedmen.

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Free online texts

Gutenberg: The Satyricon, translated by W.C. Firebaugh. Multiple formats. Shorter extracts also available at U Penn Online Books Page.

Gutenberg: The Satyricon of Petronius, translated by William Burnaby. Multiple formats.

Internet Archive: Petronius, Satyricon, translated by W.C. Firebaugh, Modified by Philip A. Harland, removing forged sections and modernizing some of the translations. Multiple formats.

Latin Library: Satiricon Liber. Latin text, HTML format.

Loebulus: L015 - Petronius - Satyricon. Apocolocyntosis. Greek-English bilingual Loeb edition. PDF format.

Perseus: Latin text and English translation, edited by Michael Heseltine (1913). HTML and XML formats.

Poetry in Translation: Satyricon, translated by A.S. Kline (2018). Multiple formats.

Pomona College: Satryricon, translated by A.R. Allinson (1930), modified and annotated by Christopher Chinn (2006). HTML format.

Sacred Texts Archive: The Satyricon, translated by Alfred R. Allinson. HTML format. Includes unmarked interpolations by Nodot.

Wikisource: Latin text and English translation, by W.C. Firebaugh. HTML and other formats.

Other Resources

Binghamton University: Ancient Sexuality and Gender Study Guides, Petronius' Satyricon, by Andrew Scholtz.

Interesting Literature: The Original Great Gatsby - Petronius’ Satyricon, by Dr Oliver Tearle, 16 June 2017.

Guardian: Satyricon by Petronius, review of Andrew Brown translation by Nicholas Lezard, 19 December 2009.

Guardian: Classics Corner - Satyricon by Petronius, by Agnieszka Gratza, 20 June 2010.

Librivox: The Satyricon, public domain audiobook.

Literature and History: Rome's Comic Novel - Petrionius' Satyricon, podcast by Doug Metzger.

University of Georgia: Petronius's Satyricon - Selections from the Cena Trimalchionis - Teacher's Manual, by Ashley Newman. PDF format.

University of Saskatchewan: The Widow of Ephesus (Satyricon 110.6-113.4) - A Grammatical Commentary, by John Porter. Via the Internet Archive.

Wikipedia: Petronius - Satyricon - Supplements to the Satyricon

The Great Conversation: Further reading at Tom's Learning Notes

Tacitus: Annals - describes the life and death of Petronius Arbiter.

Apuleius: The Golden Ass

F. Scott Fitzgerald: The Great Gatsby - An early version was entitled Trimalchio.

T.S. Eliot: The Waste Land - prefaced with a quote from the Satyricon.

Latin Resources: Online materials for learning Latin.

Bloom's Western Canon: The Satyricon is listed.


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