Gregory of Tours: History of the Franks
Francis Bacon: Essays

Seneca: The Trojan Women

Marie-Lan Nguyen - Wikimedia CommonsThe Trojan Women (Latin: Troades) by Seneca is a Latin adaptation of Euripides' play of the same name, along with elements of the latter's Hecuba.

The Trojan Women at Amazon: United States | Canada | United Kingdom | France | Germany | Spain | Italy

Free online texts

Gutenberg: Two Tragedies of Seneca - Medea and The Daughters of Troy by Lucius Annaeus Seneca, verse translation by Ella Isabel Harris. Multiple formats. 

Internet Archive: The Ten Tragedies of Seneca. Latin text with English translation by Watson Bradshaw (1902). Multiple formats.

Loebulus. L062N - Tragedies I: Hercules Furens. Troades. Medea. Hippolytus. Oedipus. PDF of public domain Loeb edition in Latin and English.

Theoi: Troades, translated by Frank Justus Miller. HTML format.

Wikisource: The Trojan Women, English translation by Miller. HTML and other formats.

Other Resources Troades.

BBC In Our Time: Seneca the Younger - Radio discussion with Melvyn Bragg, Mary Beard, Catherine Edwards and Alessandro Schiesaro.

Literature and History: Episode 65 - Seneca and the Julio-Claudians | Episode 66 - Stoicism, Seneca, St Paul, podcast by Doug Metzger.

Wikipedia: Troades (Seneca)

The Great Conversation: Further reading at Tom's Learning Notes

Euripides: The Trojan Women - Hecuba.

Latin Resources: Online materials for learning Latin.

Bloom's Western Canon: Seneca's tragedies are listed.


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