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Ecclesiazusae (Greek: Ἐκκλησιάζουσαι} or Assemblywomen is a comedy by Aristophanes, probably first produced at Athens in 392 BC. Like the earlier Lysistrata, the play imagines women taking over the city. On this occasion, inspired by their ringleader Praxagora, they disguise themselves as men to pack the assembly, and vote to hand control over to themselves. they also enact a series of communistic measures, something which has been seen, probably anachronistically, as a satire on Plato's political program. 

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Free online texts

Gutenberg: The Eleven Comedies, Volume 2 - The Wasps - The Birds - The Frogs - The Thesmophoriazusae - The Ecclesiazusae -- Plutus. English translation, multiple formats.

Internet Archive: L 179 - Aristophanes III - Lysistrata, Thesmophoriazusae, Ecclesiazusae, Plutus. Bilingual Greek-English Loeb edition. 

Poetry in Translation: Women in Parliament, translated by George Theodoridis. Multiple formats.

University of Adelaide (Internet Archive): Ecclesiazusae. English translation, multiple formats.

Wikisource: Greek text and English translations. HTML and other formats.

Other Resources

History of Ancient Greece: o54- Old Comedy and Aristophanes. Podcast by Ryan Stitt.

Librivox: Ecclesiazusae. Public domain audiobook.

Wikipedia: Assemblywomen.

The Great Conversation: Further reading at Tom's Learning Notes

Aristophanes: Lysistrata, another play which imagines women taking over the city.

Plato: The Republic, Proposes equality between male and female guardians as part of the programme for his ideal state in Book V. Note that this was written several decades after the Ecclesiazusae.

Ancient Greek resources: Learn to read Greek classics in the original.

Bloom's Western Canon: Ecclesiasuzae is listed.


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