Aristotle: On Sleep
Aristotle: On Divination in Sleep

Aristotle: On Dreams

On Dreams (Greek: Περὶ ἐνυπνίων, Latin: De insomniis) is a work by Aristotle, one of the short treatises on nature, or Parva Naturalia.

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Free online texts

Internet Archive: The Works of Aristotle, Vol III, translated under the editorship of W.D. Ross (1910). Parva Naturalia translated by J.I. Beare and G.R.T. Ross. Multiple formats.

Internet Archive: Aristotle's Psychology: A Treatise on the Principle of Life (De Anima and Parva Naturalia), translated by W.A. Hammond (1902). Multiple formats. ΠΕΡΙ ΕΝΥΠΝΙΩΝ. Greek text, HTML format.

University of Adelaide (Internet Archive): On Dreams, translated by J.I. Beare. Multiple formats.

Wikisource: Greek text. English text, translated by J.I. Beare. Multiple formats.

Other Resources

Librivox: Parva Naturalia - public domain audiobook.

Wikipedia: On Dreams

The Great Conversation: Further reading at Tom's Learning Notes

Aristotle: On the Soul (De Anima).

Ancient Greek resources: Learn to read Greek classics in the original.


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