Aristotle: Sophistical Refutations
Aristotle: The Physics

Aristotle: The Organon

The Organon is the traditional collection of Aristotle's logical writings. It formed the basis of philosophical education for much of the ancient and medieval periods. It includes the following works:

The Organon at, .uk, .fr, .de, .ca.

Free online texts

Internet Archive: L 325 - The Categories and On Interpretation, translated by Harold P. Cook. Prior Analytics, translated by Hugh Tredennick. Greek and English Loeb edition. Multiple formats.

Internet Archive: L391 - Posterior Analytics & Topica. Greek and English Loeb edition.

Internet Archive: Organon and Other Works, translated under the editorship of W.D. Ross. Multiple formats.

Loebulus. L400 - Aristotle -- On Sophistical Refutations. On Coming-to-be and Passing Away. On the Cosmos. PDF of public domain Loeb edition in Greek and English.

Wikisource: The Organon, or Logical Treatises of Aristotle, with the Introduction by Porphyry, translated by Octavius Freire Owen (1863).

Other Resources

Elucidations podcast: Marko Malink discusses modal syllogistic. hosted by Matt Teichman and Jaime Edwards. MP3 file.

History of Philosophy without any gaps: Aristotle's Logical Works - podcast by philosopher Peter Adamson.

History of Philosophy without any gaps: Hugh Benson on Aristotelian Method- podcast by philosopher Peter Adamson.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: Aristotle's Logic, by Robin Smith.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: The Traditional Square of Opposition, by Terence Parsons.

The First Science: Online Syllogism Solver.

Wikipedia: The Organon.

The Organon at, .uk, .fr, .de, .ca.

The Great Conversation: Further reading at Tom's Learning Notes

Ancient Greek resources: Learn to read Greek classics in the original.



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