George Dangerfield: The Strange Death of Liberal England
Plato: Euthyphro

Diodorus Siculus: The Historical Library

The Historical Library (Greek Βιβλιοθήκη ἱστορική) is a universal history written in the mid-first century BCE by Diodorus Siculus, a Sicilian Greek. The surviving portions of the work are Books I-V, which examine the early, often legendary history of the verious parts of the known world in turn, and books XI-XX, which provide a continuous historical narrative from 480 to 302 BCE. Although often derivative, Diodorus is important for those periods when he is the main surviving source.

Free online and downloadable texts Historical Library: Books 33-40.

LacusCurtius: The Library of History.

Loebulus: Loebulus. L303 - Diodorus Siculus II: Books 2.35-4.58. PDF of public domain Loeb edition in Greek and English.

Perseus: Diodorus Siculus. Diodorus of Sicily in Twelve Volumes with an English Translation by C. H. Oldfather. Vol. 4-8. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press; London: William Heinemann, Ltd. 1989. Online text. Greek text at this link. Library of History, Book IV. Online text of the Oldfather translation.

Wikisource: Historical Library, translated by George Booth, 1814. Online text, downloadable via Bookcreator.

Other Resources

Livius: Diodorus of Sicily.

Wikipedia: Diodorus Siculus Diodorus Siculus: the Manuscripts of the "Bibliotheca Historica".

The Great Conversation: Further reading at Tom's Learning Notes

Polybius: The Histories - a key source for the third decade of the Historical Library.

Ancient Greek resources: Learn to read Greek classics in the original.


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