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In the Posterior Analytics, Aristotle moves on from the study of formal rules of reasoning  in the Prior Analytics to consider the substantive application of logic to produce scientific knowledge, something which he believes is the product of correct reasoning from true premises. This involves him in addressing Plato's Meno's Paradox, seeking to show how knowledge is possible from a position of former ignorance.

The Posterior Analytics at, .uk, .de, .fr.

Free online texts

Bibliotheca Augustana: Ἀναλυτικὰ ὕστερα. Greek HTML text.

Internet Archive: L391 - Posterior Analytics & Topica. Greek and English Loeb edition.

Internet Classics Archive: Posterior Analytics, translated by G.R. Mure. HTML and text versions.

Online Library of Liberty: Posterior Analytics, translated by E.S. Bouchier (1901). Multiple formats.

The Logic Museum: Posterior Analytics, translated by G. R. Mure. HTML text.

University of Adelaide (Internet Archive): Posterior Analytics, translated by G.R. Mure. Multiple formats.

Wikisource: Posterior Analytics. Greek text - translation by O.F. Owen (1853)- translation by E.S. Bouchier 1901.

Other Resources

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Internet Archive: Posterior Analytics - public domain audiobook.

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy: Aristotle: Logic, by Louis F. Groarke.

Librivox: Posterior Analytics - public domain audiobook.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: Aristotle's Logic, by Robin Smith.

University of Houston: Aristotle's Posterior Analytics, Aristotle's Theory of Knowledge and Demonstration, by Cynthia Freeland.

University of Washington: Posterior Analytics: Epistemology and Philosophy of Science. By Marc Cohen.

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 Aristotle's Organon: The Categories, On Interpretation, Prior Analytics, Posterior Analytics, Topics, and Sophistical Refutations.

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