Cassius Dio: The Roman History
James Connolly: Labour in Irish History

The Historia Augusta

The Historia Augusta or Augustan History is an anonymous collection of biographies of Roman Emperors of the period 117-284 CE, probably written in the late fourth or early fifth century. It is a highly controversial work from which historians have sought to glean insights despite suspicions that much of it is fictitious.

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Free Online texts

Intratext: Historia Augusta - latin text, HTML format.

LacusCurtius: Historia Augusta. HTML English and Latin text based on public domain Loeb editions edited by Susan H. Ballou and Hermann Peter, translated by David Magie. 

Loebulus. L139 - Scriptores Historiae Augustae I: Hadrian. Aelius. Antoninus Pius. Marcus Aurelius. L. Verus. Avidius Cassius. Commodus. Pertinax. Didius Julianus. Septimius Severus. Pescennius Niger. Clodius Albinus. PDF of public domain Loeb edition in Latin and English.

Loebulus. L140 - Scriptores Historiae Augustae II: Caracalla. Geta. Opellius Macrinus. Diadumenianus. Elagabalus. Severus Alexander. The Two Maximini. The Three Gordians. Maximus and Balbinus. PDF of public domain Loeb edition in Latin and English.

Loebulus. L263 - Scriptores Historiae Augustae III: The Two Valerians. The Two Gallieni. The Thirty Pretenders. The Deified Claudius. The Deified Aurelian. Tacitus. Probus. Firmus, Saturninus, Proculus and Bonosus. Carus, Carinus and Numerian. PDF of public domain Loeb edition in Latin and English.

The Latin Library: Scriptores Historiae Augustae - Latin text, HTML format.

Wikisource: Historia Augusta - partial Latin text, HTML format.

Other resources Introduction to the Historia Augusta

Newcastle University: David Rohrbacher, The Sources of the Historia Augusta re-examinedHistos 7 (2013) 146-80.

Wikipedia: Augustan History

The Great Conversation: Further reading at Tom's Learning Notes

Suetonius: Lives of the Twelve Caesars - an example of the kind of work on which the Historia Augusta is purportedly modelled.

Latin Resources: Online materials for learning Latin.


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