Latin language resources

Online resources for learning Latin.

Hiberna Caroli Raetici: Reading Material In Latin

Loebulus - Public domain pdfs of bilingual Loeb editions of Greek and Latin classics.

Textkit - Public domain Latin textbooks.

Perseus Latin Texts - The best resource for reading classical texts online.

  • Caesar: De bello Gallico at Perseus. Caesar's account of the Gallic War is often used as introductory Latin text, though some may find it a bit dry.
  • Caesar: De bello Civilis at Perseus. Caesar's account of the Civil War he fought against Pompey, sequel to De Bello Gallico.

Latin Wikipedia

Latin Wikisource

Vulgate Texts

Bibliotheca Latina

St Patrick's Confessio

See also the Tom's Learning Notes Latin Literature category.


Duolingo: Latin course for English speakers.

Learn Biblical Latin by reading the Vulgata

Dickinson College Commentaries


Online activities from the Cambridge Latin Course.

Wheelock's Latin exercises

Memrise: Latin - online flashcards.


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